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Client Testimonials

The staff at RISA has common sense and I know that they have my company's best interest at heart and run the same way I do. It's nice to pick up the phone and speak to someone you recognise and more importantly, who recognises me.

Mark, CT Ltd

From the start we have been very pleased with RISA. They have always contacted us to update us on the progress of a delivery and we are very confident in their ability to deliver an excellent service.

Jane, F Ltd

Our previous experience of working with shipping agents was not particularly good. In particular we experienced late arrivals and inconsistent pricing. This has not been the case with RISA - we have been given competitive and consistent pricing and on time arrivals. So many other agents give you low prices to win the initial order and then revert  to higher pricing and poor levels of service.

Sara and Michelle communicate with us at every stage of the import to ensure that we are fully informed of the status of the goods, often emailing us late into the night which gives me confidence that they are doing their utmost to communicate with the States to ensure our freight catches the earliest container. Their knowledge of the market is second to none.

As a regular importer of containers and air freight from the States in particular I would personally recommend RISA as an excellent partner to any importer.

Mel, ECE Ltd

We were approached by Sara who explained their philosophy and approach, as a result we decided to give them a trial import to handle, which they did very well, since then we have used RISA for all of our imports and have foudn them to be an excellent match for our requirements. They always keep you updated regarding the progress of orders, you have a regular point of contact, insurance cover arranged. All in all they take a lot of the stress out of our supply chain.

Mark, S Ltd

We have worked with RISA for many years now and are extremely happy with the service we have received during those years. The reason we chose RISA as our sole freight company for imports/exports is purely down to the experience we received when we only used them a couple of tomes.

The process is so straightforward from quoting to booking a shipment and to receiving it. There is a trust with RISA so far as when we book the shipment we know they are in control and we have no need to worry or think about the shipment until it arrives with us. It saves time on our part and the personal service we receive is excellent. 

The ladies we deal with are very professional and easy to deal with. We thank them for their continued help and support throughout the years and hopefully for many years to come. I would recommend RISA to anyone.

Pauline, FPC

We have been working with RISA since 2007 and within just a few months we were over the moon not only with the strength of our relationship with the customer service team, but the speed, accuracy and support.

Not only can we expect a speedy reply to our enquiry or quotation request, but we can also rely on a fast, informative and organised solution to my freight requirements wherever the goods may be shipping from or to. We have TOTAL confidence that RISA will do a great job for us wiht the minimum of fuss, leaving us more time for our day to day work.

Caroline, AV Ltd

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