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Air Freight - The RISA Way

We are an independent freight forwarder which means we have the flexibility to choose who we work with overseas; we “cherry pick” the best agents based on local expertise and their strength in the market place.


Our network gives us access to more shipping and airline contracts enabling us to be more “creative” with the way we move your freight.  This wider choice of service options helps you decide the best one to suit your needs.


Insurance – don’t forget to!

Airfreight – When speed is the most important factor

  • Consolidation - the most cost efficient option where we combine lots of companies freight into one large shipment to optimise cost so you get the best price available.

  • Back to Back - when speed is the only thing that matters; your shipment is booked with the airline completely independently of anything else.

  •  Direct and indirect carriers

If you want to receive your goods quickly we use direct carriers or maybe you have a bit more time so we can use  indirect carriers which take a few days long but it’s cheaper.

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