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US Trucking Crisis impacts imports

Domestic trucking rates in the US have soared in recent months, and are expected to rise even further as we move towards peak shipping season. These rises have been fueled by several factors, including a driver shortage, the introduction of Electronic Logging Devices, fuel surcharges and higher demand.

Reports show that rates are up as much as 30% from this time last year, with an average rise of 10-15%.

The long haul market has been hit the hardest by the driver shortage, with businesses finding it increasingly difficult to recruit and retain their drivers. As a result, salaries are rising and this is contributing significantly to the rate increases.

With the situation looking unlikely to resolve as peak season arrives, shippers can look to other options to move their goods within the US, such as domestic air freight. This has already become a viable alternative for many shippers looking to move their goods to an airport within the US ready for import to the UK.

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