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An Airside view of Air Freight

RISA (UK) Ltd’s Managing Director, Sara Hutchinson, was recently invited to go airside at Birmingham airport. She took the rare opportunity to view the loading of freight on to an Emirates Airbus A380.

The majority of air freight cargo is loaded into Unit Load Devices (ULD) which come in various shapes and sizes. This allows large quantities of freight to move as a single unit. ULD’s are designed to keep the cargo safe and secure while in transit and also to aid the speed of handling which therefore reduces aircraft turnaround times.

The ULD is placed on a scissor lift for loading. This is then raised to the required height and rolled towards the aircraft by means of a ball bearing system on the scissor lift in order to be loaded safely and securely on to the aircraft.

This was a unique opportunity for us to get “up close and personal” airside to see how our freight is prepared and loaded to move across the world.

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