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Frequently Asked Questions – Incoterms – DAP

Incoterms are a set international rules that have been set by the International Chamber of Commerce. The incoterm chosen shows which party is responsible for the cargo and associated costs during the movement of the shipment.

What Incoterms should we use when exporting (outside the EU) if we don’t want to pay customs clearance, duties and taxes in the country of destination?

DAP – Delivered At Place

The seller is responsible for getting the goods to a named place of destination ready for unloading by their client. This can cover any mode of transport or seve

Where applicable the seller is responsible for clearing the goods for export, however, they are not responsible for any customs clearance or import duty in the country of destination.

Tip – Ensure you present your terms of sale in the following format on all documentation between you and your client as follows:

“DAP (insert named place of destination for the goods) Incoterms 2010”

We have compiled a table showing the responsibilities of buyers and sellers for each of the Incoterms, which can be viewed here

If you have any questions about Incoterms and the division of responsibility between buyer and seller, please don’t hesitate to ask – we’re happy to help!

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