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Freight Troubleshooting - Overweight Containers

There are some pitfalls that importers can find themselves falling in to that they may not even have considered when initially placing an order for goods to import. One of the more common headaches can be caused by overweight containers.

The container may not be overweight when it is packed in the country of origin and may be within the road weight limits of that country for transport to port. It will also be within the weight limit for the vessel. But does that same weight limit apply in the destination country?

Importers and exporters need to ensure that their container can be legally moved at both ends of its journey. Many importers may assume that the shipper would bear this in mind knowing the country it is travelling to, but the exporter could also assume that the importer has checked the same!

If a container arrives overweight, then the importer will incur devan (unpack) and repacking charges, have additional documentation to deal with along with a delayed delivery and potentially higher transport costs.

Importers are advised to check the relevant guidelines at the point of origin and destination to avoid issues with the shipment that could cost both time and money.

This is where a freight forwarder really comes into their own with their knowledge and expertise in relation to rules, regulations and requirements in the countries they work with.

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