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Seven Free Freight Forwarding Tips

Our Managing Director, Sara Hutchinson, has made a series of short and informative videos using her extensive experience and industry knowledge to help you save time and money when importing and exporting.

We're sure you’ve noticed how freight forwarding can often be one of the most troublesome and time consuming necessities in your business.

• How many times have your shipments not arrived when they were due, or promised?

• How often has the cost of shipping and delivery spiralled out of control and ended up way over the original quoted price?

• How often has a shipment, which may have taken months to prepare and organise, arrived battered, bruised and in no fit condition to use?

The reality is, all of this costs you money and ultimately comes straight off your bottom line.

These videos answer some of the most frequently asked questions. However, if you have a question that hasn't been answered or you are considering moving your business into the import and export markets and would like some advice, please feel free to drop it into the comments section below, or email us.

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